Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Skeleton Costume DIY

It is that time of year again...Halloween costume decision time.  This is a very big deal in our house...a decision of epic proportions, or at least it seems.  Last year our youngest choose to be a skeleton...sounds easy enough...especially with the help of Pinterest.  Well, as usual what seemed super easy ended up taking hours to complete.  While I wouldn't say that this is a difficult costume, I would say that it was very time consuming.  I found this wonderful skeleton pattern to use here at craftpassion.com.  I originally thought that I would use felt and sew the bones on, but knew that wouldn't wash well.  I wanted to be able to wash this costume for him to be able to wear as many times as he desired.  So I choose to use fabric paint.  I purchased a black sweatsuit that I finally found at Walmart (you would not believe how hard it is to find a plain sweatsuit).  I found that using the copy paper as stencils was not going to work, too flimsy.  So back to the drawing board I went...this is where it became time consuming.  I cut out each bone piece, then traced it onto clear contact paper, and then had to cut it out a second time.  After all of that cutting my fingers were cramped...however after that is was really easy.  I peeled off the backing and stuck each stencil right to the fabric and was able to paint.

Don't forget to put a piece of cardboard (I just cut up cereal boxes) in between your layers so the paint does not bleed through.  I did two coats of paint.  Once it is all dry just peel your stencils off and throw them away (I will admit this was a little painful..after all of that hard work).  However, once you see your final product you will forget all about it.

Good luck with your homemade skeleton costume.  Hope your little one enjoy's their costume as much as ours did.  Would love to see your final product.

Thanks for stopping by. -Robyn

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