Thursday, July 17, 2014

Garlic Dill Pickles

Summer gardens are so absolutely wonderful.  Last summer we tried growing Boston Pickling Cucumbers to try making pickles.  I looked for an easy "first-timer" type of recipe and the one I found on Pinterest is fantastic. I cannot imagine looking for another.  It is very easy and doesn't require your traditional canning methods as it is a refrigerator pickle.  Perfect for your first time.

We decided to add more cucumbers to the garden this year to increase our pickle production, hopefully I do not live to regret this.  This morning we were able to pick enough cucumbers for the first batch of pickles, so very excited!

This Garlic Dill Pickle Recipe is so good, the only downside is you have to wait a week for your pickles to become pickled.  Just kidding, this is only a problem for those of us who do not like to wait.  :)

And this is what we have to wait one whole (excruciting) week for.

Hope you enjoy these as much as our family does.  Thanks for stopping by.  -Robyn

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