Monday, March 24, 2014

Birthday Party at the Park

Last year for our youngest's birthday party we decided on a picnic themed party at the park.  I cannot say enough good things about this party.  Very easy to plan and all the activities come with the location...little kids love the playground.  The party invitations read...

Meet us at the park
We'll swing, slide, and play
Please join us to celebrate
Child's Birthday

I found this adorable phrase on an invitation phrase site, not at all mine, but too cute not to share.  Our little one loves bugs, so the ants at a picnic was the perfect theme.  I made sack lunches for each of the kids using red paper sacks and used a circle punch to cut out the circles to make the ants.  I drew the antennae and legs with a Sharpie.  Finished them off with eyes punched from a hole punch.

Each lunch included a PB&J Uncrustable, goldfish crackers and an applesauce cup with the spoon and napkin.  I did ask if anyone had an allergies on the invitations.  Just in case I had a couple of Lunchables packed in the cooler.

I had a cooler packed with plenty of juice boxes and bottles of water for all of the littles after playing hard on the playground, thankfully as the weather was warm that day.  Also, I had a few snacks for the parents as well.  There were cupcakes and I just topped them with whip cream that I had packed in the cooler as well.  Super easy and they traveled well.

For the party favors I made little Lemonade stand baskets complete with plastic cups, water, and of course lemonade mix.  Included were bubbles, just because we love bubbles.

Here is a close up of the Lemonade mix in the party favor.

This was an incredibly easy party that was a lot of fun.  And the best part....all of the mess was left in the trash can at the park.  Love the preschool set as they are so very easy to entertain.

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