Monday, February 24, 2014

Cute DIY Kid's Valentines

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's.  I just wanted to share the Valentine's I made for the little Valentine's in my life.  I love to give them a little something to make the day that much more special, however I do not want to over load them with sweets seeing as they get so many from school friends.  So I made these little Valentine's for them.

Hers includes a sock bun sponge, hairpins and a small box of chocolates, and a smash balloon.  I found a pack of four of the smash balloons at the dollar store and I have to say that they were a big hit.

The boys included a Lego minifigure, small box of chocolates, and a smash balloon.  Everything was wrapped up in cellophane and tied with a ribbon.  Super easy and very inexpensive as they were about $5 each.

This could be used for any holiday that you are looking to make a small, sweet treat.  Or could be used for party favors.  Hope you enjoyed stopping by.

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